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Prevent Conveying Vacuum Pump Problems with Predictive Maintenance System

Retrofitable Vacuum Pump Analyzer tracks operating conditions and trend health of vacuum conveying pumps. Cloud based analytics require no advanced training or expertise.


Video Transcription

Narrator: And we're back here at the MachineSense portion of the booth and I'm here with Tim Noggle, Vice President of sales, and Jim Zinski, who is the president of MachineSense. Tim, why don't you tell us a little bit about the MachineSense and Novatec relationship?

Tim: So MachineSense is a sensor and analytics technology company based in Baltimore and in Kolkata, India. Novatec and MachineSense have a partnership to integrate that technology into our equipment and on competitive equipment for our customers in the plastics industry.

Narrator: Jim, I see there's a sensor on here and it's used on a competitive pump package. What's that about?

Jim: Well, we want to show that we can apply these analytics that we've developed using Novatec equipment on any pump that's out there in the industry, even Conairs.

Narrator: Is it easy to install?

Jim: It is. So you start with the basic power supply and vacuum sensor which comes pre-plumbed with a hose that you simply connect up to your vacuum gauge. It also comes prewired with a sensor. It has a magnet that attaches to a flat surface on the pump. Once you have those two completed, there's a data hub that's mounted within 15 feet of the pump. Power it up, connect it to the Internet and you're off and running.

Narrator: That sounds pretty easy. What about security?

Jim: Well, we're taking sensor data. So it's vibration, ambient temperature, ambient pressure and vacuum. That's the only information that's being transferred outside of the facility up to the Cloud. There really is no sensitive information that's being transferred. In addition to that, the the data hub that we have is only accessible after a third party verification. So it's very difficult to access.

Narrator: Well, thanks a lot. Appreciate it, Jim. If you needed more information on the vacuum pump analyzer or anything to do with MachineSense,