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Long Distance Wireless Sensing Solutions for Remotely Installed Equipment

Wireless sensor technology provides long distance communications with very low power. Sensors can connect with gateways hundreds of feet away and are ideal for outdoor applications.


Video Transcription

Narrator: And we're back with Jim Zinski. We have some new products here at the booth that are kind of innovative and one of them is a new sensor technology. I'm going to have Jim describe LoRa.

Jim: So LoRa stands for long range. This sensor technology was developed specifically to provide very long distance communications with very low power. This device would be a temperature sensor. This would be a power meter. You have temperature and energy. So these are in IP 67 enclosures, which allows them to be installed outside safely. This makes for ideal applications outdoors for extended distances where typical sensor technologies really wouldn't be appropriate. You can connect a number of these sensors to communicate through a single gateway. The distance from the gateway can be hundreds of feet. The gateway itself can be mounted at the facility where you would connect it to your internet to provide access to the Cloud services or it can be equipped with cellular communication technology that could completely bypass the need for internet.

Narrator: Thanks Jim. If you need any more information on LoRa and all the other new products that we're showing here at the show, go to