More Than Just Sensors

Most industrial equipment has always been equipped with sensors to measure some operating parameters (dew points, pressure), but what is new now, is the advent of powerful analytic software, cloud servers and low cost sensors (driven by consumer technology) so that sensors can be incorporated throughout the process. In this way, the industrial internet often called the “Internet of Things” allows processors to combine smarter machines with best in class analytic software and sensors to deliver insights that were previously unknown. The results can be revolutionary including:

-Avoiding unplanned downtime by utilizing the insight delivered through analytics and wearable sensors throughout the process down to the component level (motors, gearboxes, blowers, belts, etc.) which allow you to be proactive rather than reactive after machine conditions deteriorate.

-Increase Profitability by managing your equipment with the insights gained by the analytics which allows you in increase uptime, production efficiency and throughputs. In addition, you gain real time data on specific machine performance and expected lifetime.

-Transform your maintenance infrastructure from being reactive to proactive. Most maintenance departments are employed to fix things after they break. The use of sensorlytics allows you to transform this group to a proactive assembly that is working in concert with the best practices of your production department.

Sensors display NOVATEC vacuum pump vibration compared to normal baseline vibration on multiple devices.

Dryer performance issues can be tracked from offsite location