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Combination Extrusion Puller/Cutters for Small to Medium Size Parts

Servo-driven combination puller/cutters offer premium features, providing superior product consistency, particularly on flexible materials.


Video Transcription

Narrator: We're back and Rich, now we're here with a new product line offering that looks pretty interesting. Why don't you go through it for us?

Rich: OK. These are our new combination puller cutters. The one I'm standing next to here is our mini series. It utilizes a 3-inch wide belt in either a 12- or 20-inch contact length. It has a 1-inch cut capacity. It's a high speed cutter, high speed belt feet per minute on the puller. It also utilizes a servo motor for everything in the machine and a serpentine belt to drive the upper belt. It's setup very similar to what the industry uses and in many areas for small diameter tubing.

This over here is our midsize series using the STD puller that I showed you down there and it uses the cutter head from our standard cutter series the “Cs”, C2, 3 and 4, which is the size, and those are all available on here. The reason for the combination unit is people, when they're running flexible products, have to have the material very tight into the cutter bushing from the puller belts and this gives them the ability to move that back and forth accordingly. We also use the same control as we did on the other machines and we also include, as we do on our C cutters, the safety interlock on the on cutter blade cover.

Narrator: Perfect. Why don't we head over to a saws? Thanks.