Assisting with screw pulls 

Anyone that has pulled a screw can attest to the time consuming nature of the work.

Is the temperature just right? Is everyone acting in a safe manner? What are we going to find when we get that screw out of there?

Using a purging agent to clean and then pull a screw is the safest, most efficient way to get the job done. Using a glass-filled grade will speed up the job even further. The screw will be easier to pull, and there will significant labor savings in terms of actually cleaning the screw when it comes out – some purging compound's actually just peel right off. A good technical sales rep will be able to assist in determining the best temperature range and techniques for a specific grade when pulling a screw. It is important to request specific procedures for this from the purge provider as it is critical to pull the screw at the correct temperature to avoid either difficult pulls at the low end, or messes at the high end. The purge should have just the right viscosity to assist the operator in pulling, while remaining stuck to the screw, and not on the floor.