Contamination Development Mechanism and Preventative Measures Using Purging Compound

How does carbon develop?

The following photos show progression of degradation of Natural ABS at 460°F (240°C).

ABS is left in the machine at elevated (processing) temperatures.


  • Degradation of resin begins and carbon develops over time
  • Adhesiveness to the metal increases during carbon development
  • Oxygen in the barrel promotes further carbonization

Conceptual View of Contamination Generation Mechanism and Preventative Measure

Point when Purging compound can remove carbon

  • Deposit in its “beginning stage” can be removed.
  • Deposit must be purged before it “settles in”.
    (Example: A corrosive resin like PVC needs to be removed before it causes irreversible damages to the metal parts in the machinery.)

Preventative Measure for Deposits and Carbonization Using Purging Compound

Maintenance purge - Periodical cleaning is highly recommended.

  • Once a week in general
  • Once every 3 days for resins not easily flammable
  • Once a day for easy to burn resins

Sealing - Sealing during machine shutdown (Weekends & holidays)

Please refer to *Shutdown/Sealing section for more details.