Why Is Purging Compound Necessary?

By using purging compound:

  • Clean the machines better
  • Periodic purging can help prevent build-up of contaminants.
  • If a screw-pull is mandatory, a purging compound can reduce the time and effort required to manually clean the machine.

Purging compound is formulated specifically to clean thermoplastics molding machines and extruders while virgin or regrind does not have the detergency and cleaning power.

  • Virgin or scrap resin (regrind) is not purging compound.
    • Resin cannot effectively remove previous resins or color/carbon deposits from the previous run.
    • Or worse, scrap resin can potentially re-introduce contaminants (color/carbon) into the machine.
  • Layers of resin can accumulate, degrade over time and develop into carbon contamination over time in the barrel
    • Once developed into contamination it is more difficult to clean.
  • Prevent unnecessary machine overhauls
    • Overhauling the machine and manually clean a machine takes hours and a day for larger machines. Cleaning with a metal brush and other tools, etc., can be abrasive over time and may contribute to tear and wear of the screw.