Costs Associated With Outdated Systems

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Older central systems have to be reviewed for inefficiencies that may be driving up production costs. Once again, tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands of dollars are being wasted in plants that have outgrown their old resin handling system. Processing requirements may have changed or controls have become obsolete. Expansion or plant consolidation is hindered by low capacity pumps and maintenance costs are expanding.


Costs Associated With Older Central Systems:

  • Plugged Lines
    - Lost production time & additional labor to find and clear lines
  • Machines starving for material
    - Lost production time – rejected parts
  • Lengthy hopper cleanout times
    - Increased labor - lost production
  • Not enough pump capacity
    - Lost production time – rejected parts
  • Poor drying of material
    - Rejected parts – lost customers
  • Components mismatched with controls
    - Equipment offline – lost production
  • Obsolete controls - repair parts unavailable
    - Equipment offline – lost production
  • Not enough dryer capacity
    - Rejected parts – can’t add production
  • Not enough pump capacity
    - Can’t extend production lines
  • Not enough control capacity
    - Can’t add needed receivers and production capacity
  • High Maintenance of Pumps, Receivers and Controls
    - Increased maintenance and downtime costs
  • Blender problems
    - Increases material costs and decreases product quality

Usually, the cost to install or upgrade an efficient resin handling system is recovered in a matter of months – not years – See example of central system payback (Investment payback in Months – Not Years) but a review of conditions in your plant is required to identify areas of loss and possible remedies.

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