Investment Payback in Months – Not Years


Register Now You may think that the cost of a new or upgraded central system is difficult to justify but you won’t know for sure until you investigate the value of the losses you are suffering and the cost of the remedy.

It’s a lot like living with some body ache. It takes a qualified physician to diagnose your problem and the costs associated with curing – or not curing it. The remedy may be simple or complex. It may be costly or not – but you can only place a value on the investment when you realize your potential losses and savings.

Here are the facts:

  • You don’t know how much you might be losing every month unless some kind of system survey is completed
  • You may have a very specific area of loss that can be fixed with smart maintenance or a new vacuum pump etc.
  • The areas of loss may be widespread – meaning that the monthly losses are threatening your existence as a profitable company
  • A free consultation or a complete plant survey will place dollar values on your losses and offer a remedial action plan

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Evaluating the Cost vs. Benefit

When we say, ‘Investment Payback in Months – Not Years’, we mean it, and we back up that statement with an example to show you how important it is to have a central systems professional evaluate conditions in your processing plant and offer solutions along with an analysis of your investment and payback. See payback worksheet below.

CASE STUDY - PAYBACK for 57 Machine Plant

The example for the plant with 57 molding machines includes adding both a central drying and resin conveying system and is estimated to save the processor about $2,000,000/year by reducing energy consumption, labor and machine downtime and wasted materials.

The total system investment including installation was about $850,000.00

The payback was about 5 months.

This processor has also reduced their reject rate and increased production output and sales!