The Cost of Not Having a Central Handling System

Let’s look at the ramifications of not having a central system – and think about the associated costs – can you estimate your yearly losses from these problems?

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It is not unusual to discover tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars in a plant without a good centralized resin handling system.


Problems Experienced Without a Central System:

  • Space needed for plant consolidation
    - If you can’t handle more process machines some other plant will
  • Congestion on the floor around machines
    - Slows workers – increases spillage and chance of injury
  • Lack of material validation/verification
    - Can’t bid on contracts where validation required
  • Wrong material going to wrong machine
    - Lost production time, rejects and lost material
  • High material spillage
    - Loss of material and labor + safety hazard
  • Material related part defects
    - Producing scrap instead of saleable parts
  • High maintenance/labor costs
    - Increased payroll and parts cost
  • Frequent material changes
    - Lost production time
  • Inefficient work flow
    - Wastes space and labor
  • Lack of Automation
    - Adds labor costs and extends lead times
  • Constrained production capacity
    - Can’t increase revenue
  • Lengthy hopper cleanout times
    - Increased labor - lost production
  • Poor drying of material
    - Rejected parts – lost customers

Usually, the cost to install or upgrade an efficient resin handling system is recovered in a matter of months – not years – See examples of central system paybacks. Investment payback in Months – Not Years but a review of conditions in your plant is required to identify areas of loss and possible remedies.