Why Utilize a Central Plastics Conveying System

Why Utilize a Central Plastics Conveying System Video

Increasing profits, satisfying customer demands and improved utilization of production floor space are all good reasons to install a new plastics conveying system.

What does that really mean?

What we are talking about is automating the resin handling process - getting the buckets, ladders, pallets, bags, muscle and brooms out of the manufacturing process and replacing those things with efficient, automatic moving and loading devices to reduce waste, manpower and injuries, improve part quality, save space and increase production and response time…in other words… INCREASE YOUR “UP-TIME” AND REDUCE YOUR COSTS TO IMPROVE YOUR PROFITS AND YOUR COMPETITIVE POSITION IN THE MARKETPLACE.

Each time we add a piece of equipment that automatically moves resin from a container to a dryer, blender, process machine or granulator we are taking a step in the direction of automation.

Conveying Lines

Even the smallest of processors benefit from adding Vacuum Loaders or Air Loaders with self-contained controls to remove resin from a Gaylord. Though these solutions are an improvement over the bucket brigade, they are high energy users and require extra labor to replace brushes and motors. On top of that, the production floor is still clogged with Gaylords and the forklifts to move them on and off the floor. Anyone using vacuum loaders as their primary way of transferring material should consider upgrading to a central conveying system.

Small to medium sized processors can utilize multiple automation methods to develop an integrated system, which gets material containers off the production floor, reduces energy and direct labor costs, virtually eliminates material waste and greatly improves process efficiency.

Large processors have infinitely greater options. Bags, barrels and Gaylords of primary resins can be eliminated in favor of bulk deliveries by truck or railcar. Bulk Unloading Systems can be used to transport resin to outdoor silos or to indoor bulk storage bins away from the production floor. Usually, larger Material Handling Systems include one or more Central Drying Systems, which further reduce overall costs.

Overcoming the Fear Factor
Just the mention of installing an integrated resin handling system can bring fear and uncertainty into the minds of many processors. In truth, there is nothing to fear and the uncertainties about the results are minimized by working with a highly qualified systems group that has decades of experience in designing and installing resin handling systems.

Experience isn’t the only factor to consider. You must also have confidence that the people you choose to work with offer leading edge technology so your system can be expanded as your company grows and the technology will still be relevant in years to come.

The real question is this – Can you justify installing a Central Resin Handling/Drying System? See The Cost of Not Having a Central System and Investment Payback in Months - Not Years.