Self-Contained Loader Drawbacks

As processors grow, they usually find that having multiple loaders drawing material from multiple Gaylords to multiple drying hoppers starts to clog the production area. It also requires material handlers and space to run forklifts. Production space should be used for production – not as a raceway for forklifts. Material waste may be less than with the bucket brigade but it is still a big issue – and dangerous when spilled on the floor. Then there is the energy issue. Add up the Kw used by all those small loader motors and compare that to the power used by one or two vacuum pumps. The energy savings is considerable. Add to that the initial cost, space and energy used by Gaylord tilt tables. Think about how much labor is expended changing brushes in the loaders. Yes, there are brushless motor loaders but they are more expensive and have a limited life.

Ultimately, a central resin handling system – possibly with one or more central dryers is usually the most economical, energy-saving way to make your processing plant more productive and more competitive.

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Loader Drawbacks