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Albis Plastics Separated Distribution and Compounding Businesses

Albis’ compounding business now operating as Mocom, a separate company from Albis resin distribution.


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Albis Plastics (U.S., office in Duncan, S.C.), has completed its strategy and growth program announced in 2019, beginning a new chapter in the 100-year history of Germany’s Otto Krahn Group Holding. The resin distribution and compounding businesses are now operating as two separate companies as part of the new Otto Krahn Group Holding.

While the distribution business will operate under the globally established Albis brand, the separated compounding business is being established under the Mocom brand. The Otto Krahn Group also includes the Krahn Chemie Group and U.K.-based automotive plastics recycler Wipag. Said Philip O. Krahn, CEO of Otto Krahn Group, "The new structure is good for our customers, good for our distribution partners and good for us as a group. We have reorganized historically grown structures and are benefiting from clearer responsibilities for results and costs, shorter decision-making paths and further increased professionalism and efficiency across all divisions.”

From left-to-right: Albis CEO Horst Klink, Otto Krahn Group CEO Philip O. Krahn, and Mocom CEO Ian Mills. 

Horst Klink, formerly v.p. of distribution, in now CEO of Albis’s distribution business. Ian Mills, formerly Albis’s chief sales officer, is CEO of the new Mocom compounding business. will head the compounding business. "We are an innovative thermoplastic compounder developing high-quality, sustainable solutions at competitive prices in close cooperation with our customers, able to offer our product portfolio to a high-quality level worldwide," said Mills. "

Mocom’s portfolio includes specialty Alcom nylon compounds and Tedur PPS, as well as custom compounds sold under the Altech, Altech NXT PP, and Alfater XL TPV. Also included are a variety of high-quality ‘Near-to-Prime’ recycled compounds including Altech Eco and Alfater XL Eco. Mocom now operates three locations in Germany, the Duncan, S.C. facility and a Chinese facility in Changshu.