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AmSty and Agilyx Announce Certified Circular Recycling Pathway for Polystyrene

The two companies have been working to achieve this important milestone for polystyrene in support of a societal shift from linear to circular solutions for managing waste plastic. 


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AmSty and Agilyx announce the successful completion of a fully circular pathway for polystyrene recycling by receiving a ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS certification. 

Polystyrene waste is currently being transformed from solid form to its liquid feedstock called recycled styrene monomer (RSM) at their joint venture facility, Regenyx, operating in Tigard, Oregon. By receiving ISCC PLUS certification, the loop on the recycling circle for polystyrene has been completed. These products can now be put back into the marketplace with original quality, holding third-party certification of recycled content. 

Through the ISCC PLUS certification process, recycled content can be assigned, certified, and claimed by package manufacturers.  

“With this achievement, we can begin moving circular recycled products from concept to reality, and directly into the hands of consumers,” said Tim Barnette, vice president – polymers and sustainability at AmSty. “At a time when people are clamoring for solutions to sustainability advancements, we are proud to offer a circular solution from the plastics sector.”

“We are proud of the work that has been done at the Regenyx facility to accelerate the available capacity of recycled content for producers,” stated Tim Stedman CEO of Agilyx. “The advancements we have made at Regenyx along with ISCC PLUS certification is further concrete proof that we have created a circular recycling pathway for polystyrene recycling.”