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Arburg Announces Live, Interactive Broadcasts

arburgXvision launches in January with 10 subsequent monthly broadcasts featuring simultaneous English translation.


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Injection molding machine manufacturer Arburg will offer a monthly series of interactive live broadcasts featuring presentations and clips that will explore important topics for plastics processors. Presenter Guido Marschall from plastics broadcaster Plas.TV will discuss the highlights with experts who will also answer participants’ questions live. The arburgXvision broadcasts will be in German, but a second channel will offer simultaneous translation into English. The 10-part series launches on Jan. 28, 2021 with: “Zero ppm production of plastic parts.”

Arburg set up its own studio for the broadcasts, noting the growing importance of digital events over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, which has limited opportunities for face-to-face meetings. Scheduled to run around 2 hours, the broadcasts will be a mix of expert presentations and clips, followed by interactive discussions where participants can ask their questions live. The first three will cover quality, availability and sustainability.


Arburg is planning 10 live interactive broadcasts, launching in January and running monthly thereafter.


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