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Ascend Performance Materials Boosts Production of new Long-Chain Nylon Product Line

To meet demand for a variety of applications, Ascend has expanded production capacity for HiDura LCPA in its Greenwood, S.C., plant.


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Houston-based Ascend Performance Materials has brought on stream new production capacity of its HiDura PA610 and 612 long-chain nylons, first launched in November 2020. The largest full- integrated producer of nylon 66, Ascend used its extensive polymerization knowledge to expand capacity at its facility in Greenwood,S.C.

Increased demand for this new product line is being driven by a variety of consumer goods, industrial, renewable energy, automotive and electric vehicle applications.  has seen increased demand for this new product line, according to HiDura business manager Kaan Gunes. “Exceptional ductility, UV weatherability and hydrolysis resistance give HiDura resins and engineered plastics reliable, long-term performance in some of the harshest conditions,” he said.

Ascend Performance Materials expands production of HiDura long-chain nylons

Gunes cited applications in solar photovoltaic supports, battery seals and brush bristles to illustrate the versatility and durability of HiDura. “Each of these parts faces extreme conditions, whether the 25 years a solar PV installation will be exposed to the elements or the constant contact with corrosive chemicals inside a battery cell. The various grades we developed are designed to improve the reliability of our customers’ products.”

Noting that the company has been polymerizing nylon 66 at the Greenwood plant, Ascend’s Greenwood sr. site director Michael Walters said, “Our people understand how to consistently produce high-performance, high-quality materials safely and were excited to see the success of HiDura build off their work.” Ascend aims to expand its HiDura grades to meet the growing needs of its customers.