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Breakthrough in Animal Drug-Delivery Features Covestro's PC Resins

RxActuator’s Mini-Infuser made with Covestro’s PC-based resins said to be the first ​​​​​​​wearable drug-delivery device for small companion animals. 


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What is said to be a breakthrough in how veterinarians deliver pain medication to dogs and cats, is the wearable Mini-Infuser Subcutaneous Constant Rate Infusion (SQ-CRI) pump form RxActuator, Tucson, Ariz. Reportedly the first wearable drug delivery device designed for small companion animals, it utilizes PC-based resins from Pittsburgh-based Covestro. By eliminating the possibility of tangled or disconnected IV lines, this device enhances comfort while reducing staff oversight. Additionally, the manufacturer designed this easy-to-use wearable to improve treatment by reducing the risk of medication errors, allowing animals to maintain mobility during drug delivery, and enabling owners to take their pet home


The Mini-Infuser pump case features Covestro’s white Bayblend T85 XF PC+ABS blend. Additionally, clear Makrolon Rx1805 PC in a blue tint is used for the device’s trim. According to Covestro, these materials are easy to mold and offer good chemical and impact resistance--both key attributes for this application. It was among Covestro’s highlights at MD&M West 2020.

“With its wealth of materials and technical knowledge, Covestro was able to recommend the right polycarbonate grades to help us create an innovative and dog-proof drug delivery device for the veterinary industry,” said RxActuator’s chief marketing officer Doug Nutter.. According to the company, the Mini-Infuser is unique in that it achieves constant and reliable infusion without any electronics. Additionally, it is more cost-effective than a regular infusion pump. The device is sold directly in North America and worldwide by RxActuator and distributed by REM Systems in Australia and New Zealand.