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Cart & Pump/Filter System Mobilize Cooling-Passage Cleaning

iD Additives Inc., LaGrange, Ill., is featuring its new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart with an integrated pump/filter system at PLASTEC West.


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Also in the company’s booth at the show in Anaheim (Feb. 9-11) will be representatives of PCS Company, which was recently named the exclusive distributor of the Eco-Pro 360 for injection molders and moldmakers in the U.S.

iD Additives’ Nick Sotos told Plastics Technology that the addition of the integrated pump/filter system to the Eco-Pro rust-removal additive was in response to market interest in using the system to clean rust, limescale, etc. out of hard-to-reach internal channels, such as water lines in a heat exchanger or an injection mold.

“The intention, when we original got the product out, was to promote it as a rust remover/preventative,” Sotos said. The thought was Eco-Pro was for cleaning tool surfaces, leaving a coating on the tool after cleaning and before storage, that would act as a rust preventative. One customer in particular, however, had been ordering large amounts of the Eco-Pro cleaning solution, and when asked why, he noted it was to clean lime and other deposits from water lines. In response, iD Additives created the Eco Pro 360 cart, including a pump and filter, to allow the cleaning additive to take on more tasks, including flushing out tools.

The built-in filter function on the new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart allows it to clean rust, limescale, and more from internal channels. “It is perfect for the maintenance departments of molding facilities,” Sotos said in a release. You can see the product in action at iD Additives’ YouTube channel.

Sotos told Plastics Technology that in addition to cleaning molds and heat exchangers in the injection molding space, the Eco-Pro is increasingly seeing use in other segments like extrusion and blow molding to clean out lines in those processes. To support those markets, the company will be launching a cart with a greater capacity. While the current carts cycle the Eco-Pro solution at 13-14 gpm, the new Eco-Pro cart XL will be able to push through the cleaner at 28 gpm.

heat exhanger line before iD Additive Eco Pro 360


heat exchanger line after iD Additive Eco Pro

At top, a heat exchanger line before treatment with iD Additives Eco Pro 360 and at botttom, after treatment.