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5/23/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

CCR Specialty Chemicals Aims to Expand Additives for PVC Plastisols and Beyond

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CCR sees potential for new aromatic oil blends for use as extenders in flexible PVC

CCR Specialty Chemicals, New York, N.Y., is a relatively new company formed following two acquisitions. The first, founded in 1986, is Rusmar.Foam Technologies, West Chester, Penn, which services the cellular concrete and mining industries. The second, acquired last year, is specialty chemicals company Crowley Chemical, founded in 1920 in New York City, with manufacturing in Kent, Ohio and Oklahoma City, Ok.

The latter’s core business is specialty aromatic oil blends used primarily as resin extenders in wide range of thermosets, such as polyurethanes and epoxies, as well as PVC plastisol. They are designed and often customized  to reduce customers’ costs while maintaining the desired performance of the product.

In a recent interview Phil Johnson, president and CEO of CCR Specialty Chemicals, noted that the aromatic oil blends currently offered for PVC plastisols, sold under the Viplex trade name, are primarily designed for use as secondary plasticizers in an adhesive-type product primarily designed for bonding the paper oil filter to the steel of automotive oil and air filter components. Johnson and his R&D team see significant potential of new versions of such blends in a broader range of thermoplastic applications. “We are now exploring to expand this technology to other areas, including other PVC plastisol applications, flexible PVC as used in wire & cable, as well as TPUs.”