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Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT) Partners With Predictive Maintenance Sensor and Application Supplier

CPT has joined with IoT Diagnostics to bring a slate of Industry 4.0 technologies to the plastics market.


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Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT; Cincinnati, Oh.), a supplier of machinery, parts and services for injection molders has partnered with IoT Diagnostics (IoT; Chester Township, Oh.), a supplier of predictive maintenance sensors and applications. A CPT spokesperson told Plastics Technology that CPT will represent all of IoT’s products and services, which include PumpMD, for hydraulic axial-piston pumps; Estat for particulate removal from industrial fluids; and FluidMD for tracking industrial fluid quality.

IoT’s predictive technologies monitor critical applications and functions within complex machines, predicting potential failures before they happen, while also driving increased production efficiencies, according to the company. Using proprietary sensors and software, IoT’s system keeps facility managers informed of functions through a custom dashboard and real-time alerts. The internet-connected devices collect and analyze large volumes of machine data from many points in the production cycle.

In a release, CPT General Manager Mike Green said the partnership with IoT reflects a natural progression as the company expands its line of products and services. IoT’s President and CEO Rex Wetherill says his company’s products and services are a good fit for the plastics industry because of the complex multi-stage machines used in production. CPT announced that several IoT Diagnostics experts will be joining the company in its booth at NPE2021 (May 17-21, 2021; Orlando, Fl.).

IoT Diagnostics Estat