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Conventus Moves Toward Industry Collaborations as COVID-19 Vaccines Surge

The distributor/formulator of high-performance plastics has started to in-person parts development collaborations as restrictions are loosened.  


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After over 12 months of major business upheaval and challenges brought on by the pandemic, materials distributor and formulator Conventus Polymers is slowly transitioning to more normal business practices. The New Jersey-based company is known for its distribution of high-performance plastics including an impressive high-temperature portfolio which includes PEEK,  PPA, PPS, PPSU, PES, and PSU, and is also recognized as a compounder of unique high-performance thermoplastic formulations that utilize carbon fiber, long glass fiber, and other modification packaging.

Taking advantage of its nimbleness, Conventus is forging a post-pandemic game plan that slowly but surely brings renewed focus on collaboration and application development work and through in-person activity. Said president Alexander Fung, “Due to COVID-19, some of the most significant hurdles to overcome in the manufacturing supply process have been the limitations on travel and in-person meetings with suppliers and customers. Now with the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, Conventus is actively and intentionally taking its part in the restoration of normal business operations.”

Conventus moves toward in-person industry collaborations

The move to in-person activity was recently undertaken with several key supply chain partners. Conventus recently had a great opportunity to execute on its game plan by having all the key stakeholders at an early spring mold and material trial. The application development effort in April involved injection molder Soundview Plastics, Conventus’ application development engineer Paul Zema, tool builder John Carpenter of F&M Tool, and the OEM designer.

In the last 12 months, Conventus has invested in growing its staff with veteran personnel in application development and material science in North America and Greater China. The company is continuing to move toward more normalized business dealings and stay true to its company moniker Conventus, which is taken from the Latin word meaning “convene” or “assemble.”

Like the rest of the plastics industry, Conventus was forced to rely on a plethora of digital communications tools such as email, texting, video conferencing, and chat platforms to communicate with colleagues and clients – especially during the pandemic-related global shutdown. Said Zema,“Digital tools, even those with video, can lack the context and depth of a sit-down chat. Like everyone, I rely on these tools every single day and will continue to do so, but we’ve always said that sales is a contact sport, and the best way to form connections is through live, face-to-face interactions.”



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