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Engel Launches Used Machinery Business

Located in Prague based on Eastern Europe’s interest in second-hand equipment, the unit will buy back, refurbish and sell injection molding machines and robots.


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Injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel announced the creation of a pre-owned equipment business—Engel Used Machinery s.r.o.—located in Prague in the Czech Republic. Engel says the new company will buy back used Engel robots and molding machines; refurbish the products; and put them back on the market for sale.

The repurchased injection molding machines and robots are reconditioned in-house, according to Engel, which said it added capacity to do so at its production facilities in Austria and the Czech Republic. Leopold Praher will be the general manager of the new unit. Praher has been with Engel for more than 30 years, currently serving as sales manager for its Elast/LIM elastomer and thermoset business. In a release, Praher said Eastern Europe is the largest and fastest growing market for pre-owned injection molding machines.

Leopold Praher

Leopold Praher has taken over the management of the newly founded Engel Used Machinery.