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Engel’s Wintec Brand of Injection Molding Machines Starts Distribution in Europe

The line of Chinese-made dual-platen large-scale presses, which launched in 2014, will now be available globally.


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Wintec, a member of the Engel group of companies headquartered in Austria, is expanding sales of its dual-platen t-win injection molding machines to Europe. Launched in 2014 in Changzhou, China, Wintec has grown sales from the Middle East and Asia, to the America’s in 2018, and now Europe.

In a release, Stefan Engleder, CEO of the Engel Group, said the company is seeing increasing demand in Europe for standardized injection molding machines that offer power and short lead times. “Standardized injection molding machines that are quickly available support a short time-to-market [in Europe],” Engleder said. “Wintec delivers custom-fit solutions for these requirements with an attractive price-performance ratio.”

Engel says Wintec’s t-win injection molding machines, which are developed in Europe and produced in China, are popular for single-component molding that does not require custom technologies, and places high demands on quality and process consistency. Target industries include domestic appliances, technical molding and automotive. Machines are delivered pre-configured, which shortens commissioning time.

By the early summer of 2020, Wintec completed a doubling of the production floorspace in Changzhou, China. The dual-platen machines are available with clamping forces from 450 to 1800 tons and feature energy-saving servo-hydraulics as standard. t-win demonstration machines with various clamping forces are available in Austria and other European countries. Wintec t-win injection molding machines

Engel’s Wintec brand of Chinese-made dual-platen injection molding machines will now be available for sale in Europe.