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Garner Industries Adds Injection Molding Machine

The Nebraska-based customer manufacturer added a 400-ton Toyo press, its second new machine addition of 2020.


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Custom manufacturer Garner Industries (Lincoln, Neb.) now has 26 injection molding machines, ranging in clamp force from 85 to 500 tons, after installing a new Toyo 400 S-6 machine. Scott McLain, President and CEO of Garner Industries, told Plastics Technology that earlier in 2020 it added a 90-ton Toyo Plastar ET-90 vertical press.

Garner Industries Toyo injection molding machine

Garner Industries recently installed its second Toyo injection molding machine of 2020.

McLain said several new contracts had driven the need to expand the company’s capacity. In addition, it’s always seeking to upgrade its equipment. The specific customers could not be named but McLain said some of the new jobs involve government contract work and parts made for aerospace and utilities.

The company’s service to several essential industries, has allowed it to maintain operations during the Covid-19 crisis. “Garner is producing PPE (personal protective equipment) for the healthcare industry around the clock, including over the Easter and Memorial Day weekends,” McLain told Plastics Technology. Demand has been such that Garner has actually hired new personnel to its production staff. In addition to new PPE work, the company says it continues to produce products for the critical defense, food processing, medical, and packaging industries.

“Our goal is to support our customers through this tumultuous time, while following all guidelines set forth by state, local, and federal agencies,” McLain said. “Our first commitment is to our wonderful employees, ensuring they maintain their wellness and safety.”

McLain added that the fact that Garner’s facility covers 115,000-ft2 allows it to adequately space Garner employees doing regular work as well as the installation staff setting up the new machines. “These machines are huge and heavy, but our large parking lot, loading docks, and skilled technical and managerial staff pulled it off,” McLain said. “We’ve installed six new presses in the last four years, so it was far from our first rodeo.”

Garner Industries Toyo injection molding machine

Garner Industries says in addition to adding a 400-ton Toyo injection molding machine, it has also boosted staff as it maintains operations during the Covid-19 outbreak.