INEOS Styrolution, Roctool produce high surface quality thermoplastic composite

Roctool’s processing technology show the full benefit of INEOS Styrolution’s StyLight thermoplastic composites.

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INEOS Styrolution (Frankfurt, Germany) and Roctool Inc. (Le Bourget du Lac, France) have worked on a joint development resulting in a time-saving manufacturing process for its new generation of aesthetic thermoplastic composite StyLight. The StyLight composite was first introduced at K2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Just recently, a partnership with KTM Technologies resulted in innovative design concepts for a selected number of applications in the automotive industry.

The cooperation with Roctool addresses the needs to obtain a high performance aesthetic material at high production rates. According to the companies, the induction processing technology is a very good match with StyLight sheets and produces industrially thin wall lightweight parts at a high surface quality with low manufacturing cycle times.

The Roctool technology saves one processing step, as the mold temperature is high enough to thermoform cold StyLight sheets without pre-heating. Optionally using pre-impregnated textiles positioned directly in the mold may eliminate yet another processing step, reducing cycle times even further.

Trials at Roctool were executed with various StyLight Aesthetic S versions. These StyLight versions are available with or without a fleece. They are specifically designed for aesthetic semi-structural applications. The trials resulted in tablet covers with a carbon fiber optic from Hexcel or with a matt black surface reinforced with NCF textile from Saertex.