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Inovyn Launches Website for Bio-Attributed PVC

Inovyn’s Biovyn is said to be the world’s first commercially available bio-attributed PVC.


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Inovyn (U.S. office in Plaquemine, La.), Europe’s leading PVC producer and part of U.K.-based Ineos, has launched a showcase website for its Biovyn resin (, said to be the world’s first commercially available bio-attributed PVC. The website includes a webinar information series on the bio-attributed PVC, following increased demand across multiple industries including healthcare, medical, construction, automotive, and retail fashion. The new website marks Inovyn’s strong commercial success since launching Biovyn and is expected to help new and existing customers better understand this product. It also demonstrates Inovyn’s commitment to leading the emerging bio-economy across global industries looking to reduce their emissions.

Inovyn's new Biovyn--bio-attributed PVC website

Biovyn has been a game-changer since entering the market. It reportedly offers an RSB-certified 100% substitution of fossil feedstock, which delivers a greenhouse gas saving of over 90% compared to conventionally produced PVC, allowing industries to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Said Inovyn’s business director Filipe Constant, “We are delighted to launch the Biovyn showcase website, so that we can keep pace with fast rising demand. Global industries are focused on improving their sustainability profile, so it's vital to provide readily available commercial solutions and information that helps them step up to the challenge. We’re looking forward to taking awareness of Biovyn to the next level, supporting multiple industries, and leading the way towards alternatives to fossil-based PVC.”