IR-Based System Permits Automatic Scan of Body Temp

Developed by MachineSense, FeverWarn can be installed in the form of a gate or retrofitted to any entrance location for the automatic scanning of human body temperature. ​ 


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MachineSense has released a beta version of FeverWarn, billed as a low-cost, infrared temperature-scanning system that can be installed as a gate or retrofitted to any entrance location for the automatic scanning of human body temperature. The system doesn’t require human intervention, allowing for proper social distancing while making its operation safer and less expensive. It's high-speed scanning capabilities also allow for a faster process.

The machine scans the temperature of each individual as they come close to it. The system provides an alert if an elevated body temperature has been detected, allowing the person to be identified and isolated effectively.

Further, the system is aided with a mobile app for self-registration of people who have been detected with an elevated temperature. “Local authorities could enforce immediate quarantine of high-risk individuals if such actions are warranted in a city or a county,” said Biplab Pal, Ph.D., the inventor, CTO, and co-founder of MachineSense. ​​


Adds Pal: “Many factories considered essential businesses have continued to operate during mandated statewide or countrywide lockdowns for services such as medical, defense and food supplies. There have been reports that many of those running factories have been forced to shut down operations after several employees became infected in the workplace. Also, employees of grocery stores, and carryout food services, pharmaceuticals, etc. and their customers risk infection of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) due to larger gatherings and surfaces touched. Those essential businesses will find this innovation of FeverWarn extremely useful to keep their employees and customers safe. Furthermore, county officials can obtain the data of people with high temperatures and their geo-location if they wish to enforce further monitoring of the local inhabitants.” 

MachineSense is running a beta test of the FeverWarn system with Novatec, a builder of auxiliary equipment and downstream extrusion machinery located in Baltimore. Novatec has been open during the state-mandated lockdown due to its classification as an essential manufacturing company.

“The entire product has been developed from concept to production within two weeks using MachineSense wearable sensors with edge technology and 3-D printing from Additive Accelerator LLC,” said Conrad Bessemer who co-owns and operates both businesses. (Bessemer is also a co-owner of Novatec.) Versions of a similar product to use in personal homes are planned. “In the at-home version, infrared technology will trigger an automatic doorbell alert that would sense if a person is standing outside, avoiding the need to touch a doorbell. The system would alert the homeowner if the guest has an elevated temperature,” explained Pal.

Manufacturing response to COVID-19 pandemic.

“MachineSense has applied for a patent for its FeverWarn innovation that will deliver low cost, faster scanning of infrared body temperatures which many believe will be gamechanger in slowing down any epidemic by isolating the people with a fever from public places," Pal said.