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Israeli Pipe Processor Adds Potent Single-Screw Extruder

Billed as ideal for large-diam. pipes, new extruder provides processor with higher output and better quality while consuming less power.  


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A leading processor of large-diam. HDPE and PVC pipe added a high-performance single-screw extruder to its production earlier this year and has noticed an uptick in output and quality since.

Based in Migdal HaEmek, Israel, Palad HY Industries was founded in 1997 and ranks among the leading manufacturers of HDPE and PVC pipe in the region. The ISO 9001:2008-certified processor is well-known for its range of large-diam. pipes—up to 1200 mm for HDPE and 500 mm for PVC. In addition to its domestic market, Palad HY also Eastern and Western Europe, South America and Africa. The company’s product range includes fresh water and sewage pipe as well as pipe for natural gas distribution systems, plus protective conduits for electricity and communication lines.

Palad has been a customer of battenfeld-cincinnati since it started, and currently operates several lines from the machine builder. Earlier this year, it replaced an old extruder with battenfeld-cincinati’s solEX NG 75-40 and has been pleased with the results. “We are particularly impressed with the lower melt temperature compared to the previously used extruder, combined with better melt homogeneity and consequently better pipe quality,” says Fuad Dweik, Palad HY’s managing partner.

Israeli Pipe Processor Adds New Extruder For Iraeli pipe processor Palad HY, the addition of a new single-screw extruder from battenfend-cincinnati has resulted in a boost in both output and quality. Pictured here are Fuad Dweik, Palad HY’s managing partner (right), with his son Rami Dweik, the firm's deputy manager.

Lower melt temperatures have also helped the processor produce pipe with more even wall-thickness distributions within extremely narrow tolerances, with less undesirable sagging. Naturally, better pipe quality also reduces material consumption and cuts down on scrap. “Both the material savings and the roughly 10% reduction in energy consumption due to the lower heating rates make this extruder a particularly cost-efficient alternative,” adds Dwiek, who said his company is already thinking about a further investment in another solEX NG extruder.

 “Both the material savings and the roughly 10% reduction in energy consumption due to the lower heating rates make this extruder a particularly cost-efficient alternative.”

The completely redesigned processing unit on the new extruder series accounts for these improvements, says battenfeld-cincinnati. Internally grooved barrel combined with a matching screw and grooved bushing geometry reportedly offers substantial improvements in process technology. A reduced axial pressure profile lessens machine wear. High specific output rates with lower screw speeds ensure high efficiency, and the gentle but highly effective and homogeneous melting performance at about 10 °C lower melt temperatures compared to conventional processing units.

The extruder is equipped with the BCtouch UX control system, which, in addition to modern functionalities, also includes the possibility of individualization or personalized user interfaces. “For our staff, it is a great benefit that the equipment can now even be operated in Hebrew, and that the battenfeld-cincinnati service team is available 24/7,” notes Rami Dweik, son of the proprietor and responsible for production in his role as deputy manager.

The solEX NG extruders series is available with screw diam. of 60, 75, 90 and 120 mm in a throughput range from 1653 to 5511 lb/hr.