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Larger Freeformer from Arburg Can Print Three Materials

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It can build parts 50% larger and in hard-soft combinations with a support material.

Last month, Arburg introduced a larger model of its 3D printer, the Freeformer 300-3X. It has a part-carrier surface area of 300 cm2, almost 50% larger than on the model 200-3X. It can build 50% wider parts measuring up to 234 × 134 × 200 mm. “3X” stands for three moving axes (x, y, z) of the part carrier. Like the previous models, this Freeformer uses standard molding or extrusion pellets as raw materials. What’s new is the ability to build parts from three components, such as a hard-soft combination plus a support structure. Also new is a two-part build-chamber door, which enables the feed hoppers to be refilled while the printer is operating by opening only the top half of the door.

 Software upgrades over the past year include a more user-friendly operator interface, updated slicing software, “smart” automatic generation of supports adapted to the individual part, pressure regulation to improve adhesion of the first layer to the base plate, and new or revised material profiles.


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