PUBLISHED: 9/28/2020

Ineos Styrolution and AmSty to Build Joint Facility for Advanced Recycling of Polystyrene

The facility will feature Agilyx’s advanced recycling technology.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2020

California Governor Signs Nation's First Mandatory Recycled Content Bill

The law requires all plastic bottles covered by the state’s container redemption program average at least 15% post-consumer resin (PCR) starting in 2022.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2020

Borealis, Menshen Launch Packaging Closures Made from Recycled Resin

The new closures use a polypropylene (PP) compound made of 50% PCR content.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2020

SABIC Collaboration Leads to TF-BOPE Frozen Food Packaging with Less Material Consumption

The innovative TF-BOPE film resulted from SABIC’s teaming up with two film converters and a packaging machine manufacturer.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2020

SABIC Expanding Capacity for Noryl SA9000 to Support 5G Infrastructure

SABIC is aiming to boost global production capacity for its specialty Noryl SA9000 PPE resin used in specialized high-performance printed circuit boards which require copper-clad laminates (CCLs) used in 5G base stations.

PUBLISHED: 9/24/2020

DSM and Nedcam to Develop New Applications for Large-Size 3D Printing

Collaborating with DSM on material and 3D printing technology, Nedcam will offer commercial 3D printing production services to manufacturers looking for large-size applications, using DSM’s optimized pellet materials.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2020

Hahn Automation’s New Healthcare Technology Center

Hahn Automation in Germany, parent of Hahn Plastics Automation in Windsor, Conn., has a new technology center for the healthcare sector.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2020

NatureWorks to Boost Production of Ingeo PLA

Measures such as lactide monomer purification technology at NatureWorks’ Blair, Nebraska to result in increased availability of entire Ingeo PLA portfolio.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2020

Polyplastics to Expand Topas COC Production

New plant for ‘recyclable’ Topas cyclic olefin copolymer planned by Polyplastics                                            &nb...

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2020

S-BOPP Film Maker Opts to Use SABIC's Renewable PP

Irplast’s new NOPP (Natural BOPP) films are made with SABIC’s certified renewable PP derived from biobased feedstock.