PUBLISHED: 5/22/2017

New Group & Big Firms Seek to Energize Reshoring

Return One Million Jobs debuts, while Walmart and Apple push for more U.S. manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2017

Rapid Granulator Moves to new HQ

Staying in the Pittsburgh area, bringing all U.S. production in-house.

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2017

More Examples of Advanced Chilling Technology

Now three chiller makers use variable-speed condensers to save energy.

PUBLISHED: 5/15/2017

Chinaplas Becoming World’s Biggest Plastics Event

With a change of venue in 2018, Chinaplas organizer Adsale Exhibition Services thinks the annual show could eclipse the triennial K as the world’s largest plastics event in terms of floor space.

PUBLISHED: 5/15/2017

Engel Nears Completion of Capacity Expansion in Shanghai

As the company marks 10 years of large press production in Shanghai, it closes in on an expansion that will greatly expand capacity and max out the available land space.

PUBLISHED: 5/15/2017

Eastman Launches Cellulose-Based Engineering Bioplastic at Chinaplas 2017

Based 50% on cellulose that is derived from sustainably managed forests, the material reportedly compares favorably to PC, ABS and PC/ABS blends.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2017

PTi Names Forbis Director of Business Development

Industry vet joins sheet systems supplier as it rolls out new high-speed extruder series.

PUBLISHED: 5/3/2017

Moldflow Plans Annual Summit for Early June in Michigan

Targeting experienced AutoDesk Moldflow users as well as novices, a free two-day conference gives molders and moldmakers the opportunity to learn the latest design techniques and trends.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2017

News in TP Composites At JEC 2017 Show

Thermoplastic composites were a large part of the innovations on display in Paris.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2017

New Additive Compatibilizes PE/PP Alloys

Multiblock polymer, when added in small amounts to a mix of the two otherwise incompatible polyolefins, creates a mechanically tough blend.

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