New Package Concept Offers Relief from PP Shortages & Soaring Prices


A new IML approach that uses a thick paper label as most of the structure of a plastic container can slash resin use drastically—especially handy when resin supplies are tight and prices are soaring.

BASF Issues Price Increases on Plastic Additives and Nylon 6


Price adjustments attributed to volatility in pricing and availability of raw materials and high freight rates.

Bamberger Polymers Now North American Distributor for Domo’s Nylon Compounds


Domo’s Domamid, Econamid and Domonyl nylon 6 and 66 compounds available from Bamberger Polymers.

Petoskey Plastics Expands to Texas


New $30-million facility will help film extruder meet growing demand.  

Arkema’s 40th Anniversary of its Pebax TPEs Includes Some Big Steps in Sustainability


Among Arkema’s new Pebax developments is a wide portfolio of advanced bio-circular solutions.

SABIC and Eyewear Lens Maker Polyray Collaborate to Launch Renewable PC into Eyewear Applications


SABIC’s certified renewable Lexan PC can potentially result in reductions in carbon footprint of up to 61% and fossil depletion reduction of up to 35%.

Pilot Plant to Produce Multipurpose Bioplastic from Soy Residue


Four Finnish companies in collaboration to develop the first process to produce compostable bioplastic from food and feed production side streams.

Fresh Milk in Clear PET with 20% PCR


Use of clear PET bottles for fresh milk is a growing trend, and Amcor offers up to 100% PCR content, as well as a UV barrier additive that doesn’t affect clarity.

Simulating Two-Shot Molding: How Does the First Shot Affect Overall Part Warpage?


Moldex3D simulation can integrate analysis of the first-shot temperature, pressure, and fiber orientation into warpage analysis of the second shot.

‘First’ Carbon Fiber Smartphone Developed by German Startup


Lanxess Tepex dynalite 208 TPU is the matrix material for Carbon Mobile’s ultra-thin and extremely light smartphone.