PUBLISHED: 8/25/2020

U.S. Plastics Pact Focuses on Creating a Circular Economy for Plastics

A key target is taking actions to effectively recycle or compost 50% of plastic packaging by 2025.

PUBLISHED: 8/25/2020

Molder Pairs With Non-Profit to Ramp Up Fast Production of Affordable Ventilators

PMC SMART Solutions and Venti-Now Non-Profit worked together to determine the optimum product design and best assembly and testing processes to make production of as many as 1000 units/week as efficient as possible.

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

Klöckner Pentaplast Expands its Recycled PET Capacity in North America

The multi-million dollar capacity expansion will be located among the eight North American locations that are best situated to serve its sustainable consumer and protein packaging customer base.

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

Molds for Plastics Monthly Trade Monitor

This monthly trade statistics report—developed by Perc Pineda, PhD, Plastics Industry Association’s Chief Economist—includes monthly and year-over-year analysis of U.S. plastics mold trade. In this report, exports and imports of pl...

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

Additive Manufacturing: Beyond Prototyping & Product Development

Stephanie Hendrixson with Additive Manufacturing Magazine discusses the unique ways companies are using 3D printing, focusing on its increasing application for industrial production, as opposed to prototyping.

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

Re|focus Webinar Episode 4: Telling Our Sustainability Stories

Today, more than ever, constructing a persuasive narrative is essential to reaching our audiences. While the plastics industry has traditionally relied on science-based facts to tell our sustainability story, it is becoming increasingly clear those ...

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

GPS Online October 21–23: Pandemic Forces Changes in an Already Volatile Market

COVID-19’s adverse impact on a broad range of industries has dominated recent discussions of plastics. Against the backdrop of fragile economic conditions, ongoing trade tensions, and a lower merchandise trade forecast, what can the U.S. plast...

PUBLISHED: 8/19/2020

Lighter Weight & PCR Content in Multi-Trip PET Bottles

Refillable PET bottles are a significant factor in Mexico and parts of Latin America, as well as in Germany. This development combines 15% lightweighting with 35% recycle content.

PUBLISHED: 8/15/2020

Industry 4.0 Universal Communication Standard Coming for Laboratory Equipment

In Germany, work is underway to develop a standard to allow all sorts of laboratory equipment to communicate with higher-level computer systems and ultimately with manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2020

Novation Industries Ramps Up Unprecedented Production Volume for Face Masks

Molding parts every 18 to 28 seconds, filling a box every minute, and shipping an average three truckloads of product every day—Novation has risen to the coronavirus challenge.