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Lubrizol Materials and Expertise in Healthcare Support Coronavirus Needs

Specialty TPU manufacturer Lubrizol is helping improve patient outcomes with its materials and expertise in medical equipment and drug products. 
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Stepping up its efforts in the fight against COVID-19, is TPU manufacturer Lubrizol, Wickliffe, Ohio.  Not only does the company makes the materials used in supplies that prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as personal protection equipment (PPE) made from Lubrizol’s Estane TPU, for example, and hand sanitizer made from its Carbopol polymer, but the company also produces materials used in products helping to treat patients fighting the virus.

Responsible for supplying materials, components and services used in medical equipment and drug products designed for treating COVID-19 patients while they are in the hospital, at home, or in transit is the Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) team.

While LLS Health has always provided its industry partners with materials and components for products like IV catheters, medical pumps, ventilators, and a variety of drug and consumer health products, they are even more crucial now in the fight against COVID-19.

LLS Health medical grade TPUs are key materials used to manufacture medical devices. For example, selected for its rigidity and strength, Isoplast TPU is molded to create luer hubs and connectors for IV sets, while Pellethane, Tecoflex and Tecothane TPUs are extruded into IV and other vascular access catheters that soften in-body to enhance patient comfort. LLS Health’s medical device contract manufacturing capabilities also encompass components that go into emergency service care. With COVID-19, some patients require the use of a ventilator to help them breathe when they are not able to on their own. The LLS Health team manufactures essential ventilator components like silicone gaskets and valves, which are used in the assembly of hospital ventilators.  

Lubrizol also produces ingredients found in popular and effective pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications as well as consumer health products that many COVID-19 patients may be using to treat their mild symptoms at home. One of those key ingredients is Lubrizol’s Carbopol polymer. While Carbopol has become well known for its use in hand sanitizers, it is also an essential ingredient found in many pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products. Because of its muco-adhesion properties and its ability to allow for the “slow release” of the medication it helps provide long-term comfort of a patient.

Manufacturing response to COVID-19 pandemic.

The LLS Health leadership team continues to meet with companies in key industries and their development teams as they consider COVID-19-related patient needs. The team continues to seek new opportunities where its materials, components, and contract services can be applied in different applications.