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Maag Buys Industrial Controls Company

Addition of XanTec to expand Maag Group’s digital offerings.


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Switzerland-based Maag Group has strengthened its digital capabilities by acquiring Germany-based XanTec Steuerungs- und EDV Technik GmbH (XanTec).

XanTec plans, designs and manufactures advanced industrial control systems that are employed in production plants, pelletizing systems and extruders, thereby improving process control and machine intelligence to reduce cost and improve quality.

“Thoughtfully applied digital technologies enable Maag to provide world-class intelligent, agile and competitive solutions to our customers. This acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy to strengthen our digital capabilities,” says Ueli Thuerig, president of the MAAG Group. “Additionally, this acquisition is aligned with our goal to continue expanding our portfolio with industry-leading systems and solutions.”

Adds XanTec Managing Director Hilger Schürmann, “We are excited to partner with the MAAG Group and appreciate the recognition of XanTec’s solutions and technology. Digitalization is an important trend in our industry, even more so in today’s economic environment. XanTec has a portfolio of digital products and solutions that holds incredible promise to generate new sources of value.” 

Maag makes melt pumps and filters, pelletizers, pulverizers and recycling systems divisions under the Automatik, Ettlinger, Gala, Maag, Reduction, and Scheer brands.


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