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Macro Founder Planeta Retires

Founder of film and sheet extrusion machine builder steps down after 40 years.


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Macro Engineering and Technology Inc. has announced the retirement of its founder, Mirek Planeta.

Planeta established Macro, which makes film and sheet extrusion machinery,  just outside of Toronto, Canada in 1978. The company initially focused on improving air ring design, leading to the invention of the dual-lip air ring. During his tenure, the company expanded from a component supplier to a builder offering complete extrusion systems, and in the process became a global industry leader in high barrier and specialty film processing technology. Today Macro has equipment installed and operating in over 40 countries worldwide.

Said Macro’s President and CEO Jim Stobie at the company’s retirement event, “(Mirek has) made an enormous contribution to the plastic Canada and globally. (He is) admired and respected for (his) creativity and vision by friends, customers and competitors all over the world.”