Maguire Establishes Subsidiary in Taiwan

The Pennsylvania headquartered supplier of auxiliary equipment has opened a new subsidiary in Taichung City to serve what it calls a “large and growing” market.


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Maguire Products Inc. has opened a new subsidiary in Taichung City, Taiwan, approximately 100 miles south of the island nation’s capital in Taipei. A grand opening celebration was held on Sept. 26 for the newest office, which will be a subsidiary of Maguire Asia, which is headquartered in Singapore.

The new branch will stock fully assembled machines and a complete range of spare parts for its auxiliary equipment, including blenders, dryers, loaders, receivers and more. Maguire notes that the Taichung City facility will also offer a demonstration facility for customers and prospects to see the company’s equipment in operation.

Hubert Nerlich is the managing director of Maguire Asia; Danniel Hsieh will act as the general manager for Maguire Taiwan. In a release, Nerlich said the new branch will allow Maguire to provide direct service to a growing market previously served indirectly via agents. In addition, he noted that there are many Taiwanese plastics processors operating both in country and abroad, plus a large number of OEM suppliers that specify Maguire’s auxiliary systems for use in complete production lines.

All Maguire products are manufactured at facilities in Aston, Penn. Maguire Taiwan is the company’s sixth international subsidiary, joining Maguire China, Maguire Europe, Maguire Canada, and Maguire IMEA, which serves the Middle East, India, and Africa.