Maguire Producing Easy-to-Install Flexible Shield as Coronavirus Guard

Jordan Defense Shield made of recyclable polyester, ships in a compact roll, and can be readily reinstalled as protection requirements change.


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Maguire Products Inc., known as a leader in blending, drying, size-reduction, and other auxiliaries, has joined the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by supplying a flexible shield for safe social distancing that can be installed and uninstalled in seconds and made to fit any space by simply unrolling the shield to the required length.

Maguire makes the patent-pending Jordan Defense Shield from PET film and ships it as a compact roll with rods attached at either end of the roll. Magnets and adhesive discs are provided for vertically mounting the rods, with no tools needed. Desk clamps are available as alternatives. Video of a typical installation can be seen here

Maguire Making Coronavirus Shield

The product was named after its designer, Mike Jordan. Jordan is the head of Summit Systems in the U.K., Maguire's longtime sales representative there.

“The versatility of the Jordan Defense Shield eliminates the assembly effort required by the rigid sheet now widely offered as protection from Covid-19,” says Frank Kavanagh, v.p. sales and marketing for Maguire Products. “For deployment in restaurants and retail stores where shielding needs are constantly shifting, our shields can be removed and relocated over and over, with appropriate changes in length.”

Maguire Making Coronavirus Shield

The Jordan Defense Shield is the latest example of how the advantages of plastics have become prominent in the COVID-19 pandemic. “The ease with which the Jordan Defense Shield can be deployed is attributable to the flexibility and light weight of plastics,” said Mr. Kavanagh. “The film is crystal-clear and, like all PET polyester, recyclable.”

The Jordan Defense Shield is available worldwide. Discounts are available for bulk orders, and standard shipping for these is free in the contiguous U.S.