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Medical Assembly Automation Supplier Adopts New Name for U.S. Operation

TechnoMed is now Tecnoideal America.


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TechnoMed Inc., a subsidiary of Tecnoideal in Italy, has been renamed Tecnoideal America. It is located in Derwood, Md. ( The company supplies automated assembly systems for medical device manufacturers. Its products include solvent and glue dispensers, tube cutting machines, leak and pressure testers, and automated feeding systems.

Tecnoideal medical assembly automation.

One of its newest products, launched last year, is the DS-Vision solvent dispensing system that “brings exceptional quality control to tubing assemblies,” according to the company. It’s said to dispense a highly consistent amount of solvent, confirms the presence of solvent on each tube, provides real-time operating data on a touchscreen, and can download operating data for production-control records.


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