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9/30/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Modern Dispersions Expanding Capacities of Engineered Compounds, Polyolefin Black Masterbatches

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At K2019, Modern Dispersions highlights expansions for engineered compounds, polyolefin black masterbatches, and more.

Global supplier of thermoplastic compounds and concentrates Modern Dispersions, Inc.,  Leominster, Mass., has announced key capacity expansions at its Leominster, Mass. and Fitzgerald, Ga. manufacturing facilities. The company is adding a 133-mm twin-screw extruder and ancillary equipment to significantly increase production capabilities for engineered compounds and masterbatches at the Georgia plant. Currently underway, the expansion is slated to come online by end of first quarter 2020. The new capacity is in response to strong growth in a range of markets including automotive, electrical components, and electronics packaging.

Said v.p. of sales and marketing Jan Kozma, “The new line gives us more flexibility, reduced lead times, and allows us to remain cost competitive as we strive to meet the supply needs of our customers…We are constantly investing in our resources, including facilities and personnel, to service our customers more efficiently.”

The company has also announced additional capacity for black masterbatches for polyolefins at the Georgia plant. The expansion is underway and the new production is expected to come online within 2020.

Moreover, the company is also planning to install a 50-mm Steer twin-screw extruder for a new pilot line at its Leominster, Mass. plant. The new R&D pilot line will help the company develop new engineering plastics formulations for nylon, PC, and PET resins and support initial scale-up and pre-production needs. The twin-screw extruder will have a capacity of 3000 lb/hr.









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