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Molding Simulation Added to Injection Machine Controls

Arburg and Wittmann Battenfeld are integrating filling simulation to aid in machine setup.


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Two injection machine suppliers at October’s Fakuma 2018 show in Germany showed off a new approach to making machines “smarter” at assisting in setting up the process for a new job. Both Arburg and Wittmann Battenfeld have introduced elements of filling simulation to their newest machine controls. This involves giving the machine information about the part geometry, which it has never had before. Both firms are using Cadmould simulation software from Simcon in Germany.

Still at the prototype stage, Arburg showed integrated filling simulation in its new Gestica controller. This option is planned for introduction next year. Meanwhile, Wittmann Battenfeld has integrated filling simulation (pictured here) into its B8 machine control. It provides the setup technician with information on the filling pattern, filling pressure, location of weld lines, and potential short shots (as shown here). Right now, this feature only shows the simulated effects of machine settings; the next step will be to reduce trial and error by deriving optimized machine settings from the simulation results.


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