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New Distributor Offers Customized Material Procurement

Start-up Executive Polymer represents resin portfolio for broad range of North American market sectors.
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New start-up materials distributor Executive Polymer, LLC, Northborough, Mass., boasts a combined 60 years plastics industry experience, specifically expertise with resins and compounds, according to founder and CEO Gregory Bagnoli. The company is basing its business on ‘customized polymer distribution with a heightened focus on value added services beyond material procurement’. Included are on-site warehousing and order fulfillment, down packing, re-packaging, and the ability to service both small and large volume requirements.

Executive Polymer represents a portfolio of resins from global manufacturers to serve a broad range of North American end markets, including consumer goods, electronics, building & construction, automotive, aerospace, and energy. Resin offerings currently include PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, nylons, polyolefin elastomers and TPUs.