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New Meat Packaging Material Made from Mixed Post-Consumer Plastics

Collaboration among players across the entire value chain work together on this new sustainable material. 


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meat packaging

The newly developed sustainable casing consists of several layers of different polymers.

DSM, Sabic, Cepsa, Fibrant, and Viscofan have together created a multi-barrier casing for meat products made from mixed post-consumer plastics.

The companies stated that the development of this packaging material underlines a strong commitment to enabling a circular economy by working together with partners throughout the value chain, and addresses the increasing consumer, societal and regulatory demand for more sustainable multi-layer barrier casing solutions.

DSM Engineering Materials supplies the certified circular polyamide (PA) Akulon CRC-MB, and Sabic supplies the certified circular polyethylene (PE) from its TRUCIRCLE portfolio of circular solutions. Both products are based on used and post-consumer plastics that would otherwise be discarded as landfill or lost to incineration. Using advanced recycling, the used plastic is converted into new feedstock, which then enters the production chain to deliver new virgin-quality materials.

First, Sabic produces certified circular benzene, based on materials produced via feedstock recycling of mixed-used plastics, which is used by Cepsa to make certified circular phenol. Fibrant then uses the phenol to produce certified circular caprolactam EcoLactam, which is provided to DSM to produce its certified circular polyamide. Finally, Viscofan combines the certified circular polyethylene and polyamide to produce the multi-barrier film used to create casings for a variety of meat products.