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New North American Office & New Presses for Bole Machinery

Bole America in Stow, Ohio, offers new models of two-platen and servohydraulic toggle presses.


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Bole Machinery, one of the largest producers of injection molding machines in China, has established a new North American headquarters in Stow, Ohio. Headed by Alfred Rak, president and CEO, Bole Machinery Inc. ( provides a central showroom for machine trials, along with a team of U.S. service engineers and parts-exchange service for older machines. Bole supplies six main lines of machines from 70 to 6800 tons, including two-platen, servohydraulic, and all-electric series. Three-axis robots are available along with its machines. Major industries served include automotive, home appliances and industrial markets.


Bole’s new EKS550 servohydraulic toggle press.

Bole’s new EKS550 servohydraulic toggle press.



At last fall’s K 2019 show in Germany, Bole showed off two new developments. One was a new, smaller size (520 metric tons) in its German-engineered BL servohydraulic two-platen line, which ranges up to 2000 m.t.. The other is the EKS series of servohydraulic toggles from 280 to 4000 m.t. They boast more than 60 technical upgrades in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and software systems, as well as the assembly process. A key feature is the central clamping toggle, said to provide reduced mold/platen deformation and 100% utilization of clamp force at mold edges, vs. 80-85% for other machines. Other claimed benefits are better mold protection and larger opening stroke. These machines are also said to be ready for Industry 4.0—able to extract information from auxiliary equipment such as robots, mold-temperature controllers and cooling water. An MES data-exchange terminal is also available.