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New Recycling Demonstration Project to Launch in Oregon

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The project aims to demonstrate how a wider range of materials can be captured from the curbside recycling stream.

Plastic and packaging makers have launched a 60-day recycling demonstration project in Portland, Ore.

The project involves installing a portable secondary sorting system at the Far West Recycling materials recovery facility (MRF), which is being provided by Titus MRF Services. Selected materials from four regional MRFs will be further sorted, creating six additional streams of recyclables. It will be managed by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) with funding from the American Chemistry Council, Americas Styrenics, Berry Global, Carton Council, LyondellBasell and Metro.  

The materials collected—which include a wide range of packaging forms and types of plastics, as well as gable top and aseptic cartons—will be measured, sorted and marketed showing how the efficiencies and economics of recycling can be positively shifted with added secondary sorting capabilities. The data collected through the course of this project could help inform communities across the U.S. about the new streams of material that could be captured from their curbside programs. For the funders of the project, creating new streams of valuable recycled materials will help them, and many others meet the growing post-consumer recycled material (PCR) demand.  


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