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New Supplier of Color, Additives and Purging Compounds Offers Broad Portfolio

Britec Solutions’ range of products are based on innovative technologies in liquid color, purging compounds and additives for thermoplastics.


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A relative newcomer to the arena of colorants, additives and purging compounds for thermoplastics offers a broad range of products based on innovative technologies. Britec Solutions Inc., Tyler, Texas, was founded in 2010 as a consulting and product development firm. According to company president Brian Cochran, Britec developed and provided technical support to some of leading players in the plastics industry. This had included the delivery of innovative technologies in liquid color, purging compounds and additives.

In mid-2019, Britec began manufacturing and marketing the Britec liquid systems, BritePurge high performance purging compounds, BTec PET performance and processing enhancing additives, and BTec polymer additives. The liquid systems consist of custom liquid colorants, single pigment dispersions, and additives that include the BTec polymer additives.

The BTec PET performance & processing enhancers include toners for recycling, IV enhancers and denesting and process aids. The.BTec polymer additives utilize a proprietary process of compounding to manufacture a wide range of products in a highly concentrated pellet. Included are foaming agents, flame retardants, UV stabilizers, antioxidants, processing aids as well as slip release, nucleating and antimicrobial agents.

BritePurge compounds also consist of broad range of products including an FDA-compliant liquid purge compound and a concentrated chemical purging agent for any resin, as well as ready-to-use chemical and mechanical/non-abrasive purge compounds for polyolefins, PS, PET/PETG, styrenics, PC, nylons and acetals