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NGR Launches New PET Household Recycling Waste Project

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Austrian companies are joining forces in the RePETitio project, following an initiative of Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH to prove that PET-waste beyond PET bottles can successfully be recycled into new high-quality products.

A new project in Austria seeks to show proof of concept for recycling PET household waste into applications beyond PET bottles. 

Started in June 2019, PET household waste such as blister packaging, thermoformed trays and films is collected and sorted into a total of six material types. The subsequent flake production – including washing and shredding – is conducted by Kruschitz GmbH.

The PET flakes are re-processed and decontaminated using NGR's LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) process in Feldkirchen, where both rPET granulate and rPET sheets will be produced. During the LSP process, the rPET is decontaminated at the molecular level and the polymer chains are extended to increase the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV.)

Teufelberger GmbH uses the rPET to produce strapping with high mechanical strength requirements. Greiner Packaging GmbH produces bottles and thermoformed trays for food and non-food applications. Finally, the products made of rPET are reportedly compared with those made of virgin PET.

The RePETitio-project is scientifically backed by the Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH (TCKT). RePETitio is planned to run until September 2020 and is financially supported by the Upper Austrian government with funds from the "Innovative Upper Austria 2020" strategic economic and research program.