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Plaskolite Introduces Antimicrobial Safety Shields

Ccrylic and PC sheet is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology.


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Plaskolite LLC, has introduced  what is calls a next-generation safety shield in response to the novel coronavirus. Called Amgard, the acrylic and PC sheet is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated the widespread deployment of the first generation of transparent safety shields. Schools, retailers and restaurants, have been looking for the next-generation of performance plastic that would provide additional benefits for safety shield installations by providing an additional line of defense between cleanings.

“The deployment of safety shields is an important part of reopening plans for businesses, schools and institutions,” said Dr. Ted Trautman, technology director for Plaskolite. “Amgard protects the sheet against the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew. Amgard delivers the dual benefit of a physical barrier and an antimicrobial technology designed to protect the plastic’s surface.”

“Responding to the unmet need of our customers and our community for an antimicrobial surface, Plaskolite’s New Product Development team rose to the challenge and developed Amgard,” said Ryan Schroder, president and CEO of Plaskolite. “Thank you to our team who spent long hours accelerating the development and testing of this ground-breaking acrylic and polycarbonate sheet.”


New Plaskolite Shield Made with Antimicrobial Agents