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Plastics Industry Enlists to Fight Coronavirus

All types of processors and machinery and materials suppliers and service providers are refocusing resources to combat COVID-19.


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What are injection molders, blow molders, thermoformers, and extrusion houses—not to mention equipment and materials suppliers and trainers and consultants—doing to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic? Go to and you’ll find dozens of stories on related topics by Plastics Technology editors—and by our sister publications at Gardner Business Media. You’ll find stories on how processors of all stripes have turned on a dime to convert some portion of their capacity to production of desperately needed personal protective gear, such as face masks and face shields. Many others have shifted to making hand sanitizer. Equipment suppliers are using machines in their development labs to make essentials like bottles for hand sanitizer. And some material suppliers have donated materials for making protective equipment.

Tessy Plastics shifted gears to design and injection mold face shields for medical personnel.

Tessy Plastics shifted gears to design and injection mold face shields for medical personnel.

You’ll find stories of innovation, such as the company addressing the mountains of medical waste resulting from the crisis by developing the first compostable N95 face mask from PLA biopolymer. Others are applying 3D printing to create “instant” factories for making such supplies. And companies are applying technology to overcome travel restrictions and the need for “social distancing.” Examples are the use of web-enabled remote technical service to avoid the need for in-person visits, and interactive training webinars in place of classroom sessions.

Keep checking this site: New stories are being added to the collection daily to help you keep up with the latest developments in this fast-evolving crisis.