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Portable Chiller Donated to University's Plastics Program

Delta T Systems has donated a 2-ton variable speed air-cooled chiller to the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Pittsburg State University.


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Delta T Systems, a manufacturer of temperature control units and process chillers based in Richfield, Wisc., has donated a 2-ton variable speed air-cooled chiller to Pittsburg State University’s Plastics Engineering Technology program. The chiller has been installed in the program’s lab and will be providing temperature controlled process water to its three injection molding machines. 

Jochen Naujokat, president of Delta T, told Plastics Technology that this is the company’s first donation of equipment to a program like Pittsburg State’s since he took over the company. Naujokat said that one of Delta T’s external sales representative is a graduate of Pittsburg State’s plastics program and is currently an active member of its advisory board.

The Plastics Engineering Technology program will use the chiller as part of its Advanced Injection Molding course, in addition to other projects in the lab, including ones related to blow molding and extrusion, as part of the schools’ senior capstone projects. 

The chiller, which has a 4.3-in touch-screen control, provides the students access to state-of-the-art capabilities, including adaptive controls and digital data collection shared via an Ethernet connection. The chillers variable speed compressors allow it to operate effectively between 10 and 100 percent of their rated capacity, allowing the unit at Pittsburg State to run as a full capacity 2-ton chiller or any lower capacity, down to 0.2 tons. 

Pittsburg State, located in Pittsburg, Kan., offers an accredited program in Plastics Engineering Technology that celebrated a 50-year anniversary in 2019. At this time, it has more than 90 students, with around 15 to 20 graduating every year.


Pittsburg State plastics engineering

Delta T Systems has donated a 2-ton chiller to Pittsburg State University’s plastics program.